I Fell In Love With Roberta De Brito

First Watch this video


The year 1989, I barely 14 years old, saw a small dancing Lambada with a child moreno, of stature with luck arriving you at the shoulder.

This theme looks very strange "BioEspiritual", in many countries of South America. However this issue not be nothing without its Video.

The Lambada me brings back memories, that girl brings me memories, and the good news is that at that time it had almost the same age as that Angel BailarĂ­n, therefore all my instincts at the time, they were quite normal to see her.

A Video of this nature, would be unthinkable in this time, A 10-year-old girl as a Micro-Mini and a thong underneath, along with their movements, leaving much more than necessary,

chico_y_roberta.jpgAquel Angel is called Roberta de Brito was born on April 27, 1977 and was recruited by the Group Kaoma, that I take this song of a Bolivian group and endorsed. The child with whom he danced is called Washington "Chico" Oliveira, both born in Porto Seguro, Brazil. In fact both after his appearance in this video were made so famous that they did their own album "Face to face" and made tours throughout Europe and diverse States of North America.

The song "lambada", your video, the environment and Roberta represent everything that definitely the Pre teens at that time thought of life, which definitely thought that the "bread and circus" was the way to deal with things, because we could not understand that other alternatives exist there are.


Is for her that Roberta represents much more to his dance "exotic" Roberta represents me in the stage of my life, where the Cosmovision of liberty took completely my intellect and the concept that could be me of the fact "exist".

Currently, there are all kinds of articles, forums, Twitter, Facebook, Blog on sociological, philosophical and existential visions of what this song and its video meant for an entire generation, which makes me think and believe that the phenomenon is much more profound what can make this small tribute.

Roberta de Brito this married and veterinary medicine in Brazil. There are no photographs of his person, there are no records of his present. It is better as well. Nobody wants to kill us a scare and say blow now that we are full of things and that we no longer have only the freedom to be, feel or think.

They were good times. And to think that they are now critical of F. Please, just ask them to read these lines accordingly. I can not do charge their thinking.

I should clarify that the post does not believe it me, the kick of another page, here the source

but I wanted to post it because it reflects the feeling of a whole generation and says exactly what I had posted.
do not intend to steal the credit to anyone why I do this clarification