Turbo Pascal On Windows 7 64 Bit

In the NTU there use Turbo Pascal to learn the syntax field.
The problem that was submitted some time ago is that many students have bought notebooks or netbooks that come with pre-installed seven.

That is what is happening? compatibility, the TurboPascal does not walk: S

And all that they do? Virtual machine! (mind you, it is good practice modularizar with virtual machines) The problem of the virtual maqinas is that eating memory like mad and if they are poorly configured... you notice / net crawls.

To avoid this, some forms are:

Win7 64bits - > "Windows xp mode". /Este what it does is enable compatibility, it is best that you know to be Microsoft, that you are downloading something made with the same tools that the OS in question.

FREE download of Microsoft's Windows XP Mode.

Win7 32-bit - > it should boot directly, but if you do not, install it and right click on the executable and the compatibility mode will put "Windows xp sp3" (the text appears drop-down list thrown so they worry not remember exact words)

I hope serve them.

This is not an Adder post of points with colors, music, shots, thongs or anything of the sort. This is A POST useful!