Programming In Android Without Java

Four alternatives to Java to program Android
Although Java as such, with their strengths and their weaknesses, is the majority in coding in Android also language there are other alternatives to create all kinds of applications. For both small projects and more ambitious applications.

In this post I would like to present four alternative to Java programming environments so that both programmers and those who want to introduce programming in Android, have a more complete view of the possibilities that exist. Made this short introduction, we are going with them.


Let's start with a language which many already know, and we have all seen as the final result: web pages. HTML 5 is a very important step forward in the possibilities it offers to developers to make web applications.

In his favour it must be said that it is very versatile because we can adapt the content to multiple platforms and we can make instant updates. There are currently many web applications made in HTML5 as e.g. Toubous that we talked about in his day at Engadget Android.

Appcelerator Titanium

We continue with the cross-platform languages. Appcelerator Titanium is one of the most active mobile applications of the time development platforms: 1.5 million developers, more than 20,000 applications… The amount of documentation that there are to begin in this language is quite large.

Within this large community more visible heads are companies like eBay, PayPal using this platform to create their own applications. We also have the case of Wunderlist, an application that already spoke Álvaro.


If you are already familiar and you have worked with Ruby or JRuby possibly I liked knowing that you can use all what they learned in Ruboto Android, a platform based on JRuby.

Although it does not have a community as large as Appcelerator Ruboto has a good base of programmers and good enough to start documentation. For now you can download both the console to run and test scripts as well as the framework to start working.

Rhomobile Rodes

We continue with Ruby. Rhomobile Rodes is a framework based on Ruby which allows us to also create cross-platform applications. One of the main advantages of Rodes is the possibility of using the hardware built into the device (GPS, camera) easy and simple.

Rhomobile is also the only framework with MVC, something that developers are already accustomed to working with this secure model to thank you enough.

In addition to these four options that we have seen there are many more just as valid as e.g. Clojure, Kawa Mirah or also commercial alternatives such as Mono or Adobe Air.

These four alternatives, Clojure, Kawa and Mirah are free so we can test them without any commitment. That Yes, some, such as Rodes, forcing us to buy a license if you want to distribute applications for commercial purposes.

This post, as I mentioned at the beginning, is only a brief introduction to present different alternatives to Java. The election of one or the other to the end will be conditioned by our own capacities, how comfortable we are working with an environment and of course what we want - and will enable us to - do.

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