Cable Modem Cisco PCD 2420 - Telecentre - Password / Pass



After both try and look for managed to find that much needed: admin password

I first commented as the user password is changed, and below which is administrator.

To access the modem for the first time and change the password:

It is simple, once connected the computer to the modem in your browser should be the following IP address:

(Copy what the user guide below)

Use for the first time
The gateway sends factory without any default or assigned passwords.
Leave the fields for username and password blank. Then click on OK to go to the page Password Settings (settings of the password).

Note: you will be asked to set a password. It is recommended to set a password to prevent unauthorized access to the values of the gateway configuration. If you choose not to specify any password, this page will appear every time that you access the configuration pages. See setting parameters of password (page 31) for help in the setup of the password. If you choose not to use the security password, then click on the Setup (configuration) tab at the top of the page Password Settings (settings of the password) to continue.

Setting password parameters
Use the page Basic Settings – Password Settings (basic configuration - configuration of the password) to configure or modify a password in order to restrict the access of unauthorized persons to the residential gateway configuration. Click Password Settings (settings of the password) of the Basic Settings (basic configuration) section of the Setup (configuration) page to access the page Password Settings (settings of the password).
? The gateway comes from factory without any password set. It is recommended that you configure a user's password to prevent unauthorized users to modify the configuration of the network.
? If you decide to set a password, use one that can remember easily. Don't forget the password.
Setup - Basic Settings – Password Settings (settings - basic settings - settings of the password)

So far all the known, now if you need to go to the ADVANCED tab:

Username = admin
Password = W2402

I went crazy looking for the password, if you need more info maybe you want to find where there are more data, which is in Europe:

Search in google for Cisco EPC 2420 and EPC2425 that they have a little experience with these equipitos and they are almost the same that we use around here.

I hope serve them!