Hitler's Uniform


Before everything I want to clarify that I do not intend to raise the figure of Hitler so all comment Bard will be removed

This is probably the first uniform dressed Hitler, during World War I.

Hitler, at the end of World War I. By the way, that I have read in a magazine that the famous clipped moustache of Hitler arose from when Hitler had to put the mask filters, so go you well. In view of this image, it is very clear that Hitler ended the war without the moustache trimming

During the 1920s, it was common to see Hitler in short pants. But as he became more notorious, he stopped using them.

As you can see in this picture along with Mussolini, Hitler was never ostentatious. His uniform was very simple.

When Hitler was a special gala, I used to go with white jacket and black trousers. Here we see him with the wife of Ribbentrop.

Hitler's uniform in the era before the rise to power.

Hitler with his coat of leather, which produces as much fascination. This model of coat is so popular, that always inspires fashion designers. So much so that it is even possible to buy coats inspired by him today.

Hitler dressed in Bavarian costume. You can see a bulletproof vest.

Poland Hitler in 1939. When the war began said:

-I've become to dress with the Warrior for my meant the most sacred and valuable. Only me I despojaré it after the win, or I I will not survive to the end.

Known photo of Hitler with Eva Braun which shows very well his long coat with black trousers.

Then I brought from Hitler on display at a Museum: