The Dogs Of World War II Bomb.

World War II bomb dogs

Who said that anything goes in the war?

Wars are bad and make out the worst ideas of the people, that there is no doubt, but there are aberrations that we cannot imagine that they have passed, and it is durantela Second GuerraMundial was used to dogs as bombs.

What you invent to destruir…

They say that the dog is man's best friend, and not always humans have accounted for them, not only with abuse and drop-outs, but our destructive wit has made grotesque use of the poor animals.

During the Second World War, the Soviet army was being punished for the fearsome German tanks and there was no possible way of nullifying this terrible weapon. But the solution came in the form of can. Was devised tied bombs to dogs and send them against armored tanks.

The origin of such macabre idea is the scientist Pavlov, the creator of the conductivísta Psychology (or Behaviorism), whose experiments are based on the attempt to modify animal behavior through incentives that create certain answers. In fact this Brigade of explosive dogs is known historically as "the dogs of Pavlov".

To train the dogs were given feed under a tank for weeks that they associated the emergence of such an element to the fact that could eat. Days before releasing them in the battle are those he deprived of food, and released them on the front so that they direct toward the enemy tanks.

The dogs wore post a vest with explosives, and as soon as they passed under the enemy tank, where the armor is weaker, a fuse consisting of a lever, doubled by ordnance load, that while in most cases not he killed the crew, unless annulled the advance of the tank and its deadly attack.

This improvised weapon began to be a problem for the German advance, to such an extent that the German army was order to shoot any dog that cross on the front, but the size and the speed with which moved made it difficult to hit, so we opted for the use of flamethrowers mounted on tanks to put an end to this canine threat.

The Soviet army claims to have destroyed at least 300 tanks in this way, but there are also cases in which the animals themselves gave the back causing chaos in the army itself that threw them. One of these rebound effects occurred at the end of 1942, when some of the animals turned the scared and created chaos in the ranks of Soviet doing an entire Division to withdraw.

This warlike use of dogs, along with the fact that the famine made the dogs served food, made that they almost disappeared in the area. There is evidence that some army continued with the training of dogs - bomb until 1996.

Tomorrow, may 28 is inaugurated a monument to these dogs in Volgograd (former Stalingrad), as in the battle of Stalingrad , the perros-bomba were used for the first time in August 1942.

Alexander saraev, who served in that conflict recalled the use of dogs as something cruel but necessary according to him, (32 tanks were destroyed by these dogs only in Stalingrad). The bronze statue represents a Mastiff, but between these four-legged soldiers had dogs of all breeds.

Thus, after this sad episode in our history, is clear that if all weapons, they disappeared completely in the world we would use to our friends to kill each others.

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