Contribution 2011Modify Firmware Nokia S40

Good taringueros this time I bring you a post that I helped me a lot to change my phone Nokia 5610 thing and already tried with some phones and so far works with all s40....

Modification of Firmware in Nokia S40

Must first download the firmware is very easy for that nesesitaremos the This small program is very easy to use... and download Firmware version q you wish has no q be nesesariamente the last but if a superior to the q brings the phone... To see the version precionen * # 0000 #
There are given the version for example
He said:

Nokia 5610d-1

but q we care about the the q is after the "v" (second line)

In this tutorial I show you how to modify to taste firmware of their Nokia phones s40.

The program that we need is:
password: tatocre

PPModd is a program to edit files.PPM: contains images of the player, icons, sources, etc.

TriX is a program to extract files from the CNT, which is the third part of the firmware in charge of the gallery and the brand of your phone. How to also create the CNT file (.)(Image) and upload it changed to mobile.

Edit images and icons (S40)

Use PPModd to modify images and icons

Open PPModd

We do seek to click on Options in where it says "text" text_as_unknown give it the value 1, apply and click OK

We are going back to Options and check that anim_as_unknown has a value of 0 and give Apply and then OK.

We are going to "OPEN" and open a file.PPM

We do right click in "anim" and give it to "Export to Binary..."

The name that we are going to save these files will be "anim", create a folder where we want, that is called "anims" and kept it there.

Now in that folder be stored all the icons, images and files tax ID

Edit whatever they want with Photoshop or any image editor program and replaced it.
If you want to replace an image "GIF" by a "PNG" what they have to do is open the "ANIM.XML "with Notepad ++ and search for the name of the GIF, and change the extension to".PNG "and in"type"also change it to"png"

And replace the images

Once replaced everything what you wanted, we return to the PPModd and remove "anim"

Now we click right on "ppm", we give you to "Import from XML" and open the file "anim.XML "

It is important that go the "ANIM" to back the "LDB"

Continue by clicking on "Up" until you come back from the "LDB"

We have everything ready to create our "ppm" file with the modified images We pressed the button "create ppm"

Ready, now just need to upload the patch to the phone using JAF emulator (in the end explain them).

Modifying source (S40)
To modify sources will use PPModd again

They can be in all Nokia s40v3 less those of 128 x 160 resolution, because in them, the sources are not "ttf" format.


TTF fonts do not have to be installed in your operating system, bone, do not have to be in the c:WindowsFonts folder

To modify the sources we will use "ppmodd", let's grab sample to the Nokia 5310

Open PPModd, select "Open" and open the Nokia 5310 PPM file, in this case I will use rm303__09.42.ppm_l

"vfnt" are all sources of the phone

Now in "nokia digi" do right click > "Import from Binary..." and asked it to open a file "ttf" is a source file

In "nokia sans cn s40 Regular" are all sources from the main menu, must change in the two (Nokia Digi and Nokia Sans Cn S40 Regular).

Now create the PPM file

You changed font and there are some plabras as the following

How many times has not happened that they change the source of your nokia and flasherlo then there are features of that some texts do not appear in the menu, the contacts, etc. that happens because the font size is not correct and what makes the phone is to omit these text, say could encimarce, and it is that result which only certain signs do not appear depending on the letters to these name. But there is a way to solve this situation:

For this we need this and the source who wish to apply to the phone

"eye I thing eh made with thin sources, so, no digamosle the eh done with fonts bold or bold as they are very thick and there are times that after the phone flasher does not turn on so I recommend to be sources, at first, with all characters (accents in uppercase and lowercase, dieresis, symbols, etc., second sources in term means with respect to its either very thin or very thick thickness)". HERE can find varied sources styles that give you click shows them a way to preview table where it can give account of characters that includes.... good move on to the instructions...

1 Open the downloaded program and are looking for and load your source in this case I use the source hisign left If someone is interested to use it (because you have the adjusted size)

2.-What we do acontinuacion is to click on a character, preferably one uppercase letter, we will see a window where we set the zoom to 20%

3.-In which we must pay attention is that our characters with more "height" do not exceed the 1500 in the rule of the left if this is what we will do will be selecting our source and reducing its height (not climb disminuiria since its size on the screen) for this are going to the selection tool we chose our character and change its height up to 1,500 units

4 When they have finished just close the window of editing of the character and continue with the rest (in the end be stored all the changes made)

5 Repeat this whole procedure with all those letters and symbols which exceed this dimension as well with the symbols that are above the dimension as the quotes

6. When they have completed only give click on save and ready already have a source to replace it in its ppm and upload it to your phone.

I olvidava here goes international community upload modified files to the phone...

to see the tutorial are recorded and

Espero q know already assess q me much tried

He said:

If bn is going with this tutorial and I ago NFU promise to upload a method but easy to upload the firmware modified...