CFW Symbian Anna V6.2 For Nokia 5800 5530 5230 And X 6

CFW Symbian Anna v6.2 for Nokia 5800 5530 5230 and X 6 + (complete) flashing Tutorial

Many imitate us... but nobody beats us!

The new generation of CFW to come, Symbian Anna for the Nokia 5230 5530 5800 and X 6 this available through our CFW with a complete set of icons Anna, new keyboards, effects and many more functions


New effects in the interface of Symbian Anna PR2
Ovi Maps 3.06 Final integrated (exclusive version)
Sources optimized for better reading, a little more large
Updated the Ovi Store v1.109 (June 2011).
Full set of icons of Symbian Anna which change according to the theme that you put (Binh24).
New theme by default Symbian Anna courtesy of @
Sidebar improved much more small improving space in all applications
New full QWERTY keyboard of Symbian Anna
New alphanumeric keyboard with enhanced buttons
New image of power
15.2 Music player with integrated lyrics (solution for Latin languages)
Unlock slider rounded to stay more in line with Anna Style
Behavior of lights rescheduled, all turn off at the time
Size of the reduced Firmware to be prepared to new versions


Desktop with interactive Widgets
Centered menu buttons text
New extended menu, more comprehensive!
Greater speed in the displacement and application performance
Removed the rotation of sliding unlock
Fixed the error when installing certain old topics
The battery returned to the normalidad… length mejorad
Languages: English and Spanish Latino (5230 5530 5800) and Spanish Spain (X 6 5800)
You can install whatever you want without having to sign applications, or perform any process
Never more it will appear an expired certificate error!
E-mail client integrated with HTML support and compatible with your accounts of Hotmail, Gmail, Ovi, etc.
System unlocking sliding his finger on the screen.
New type of source much more modern and it fits with the new menu, the original source is huge!
Menu 4 x 4 reorganized and custom folders
Added 3 new Widgets of shortcuts so you can get full screen access.
Internal memory free 79 MB (290 MB free 6 x) and 58 MB free RAM
The clock Widget is now removable so it you can remove and have a Full Swipe
Removed the poster show applications open on all drop-down menus
Java and the WRT applications bring all activated permits to avoid so many useless requests
You can send any file protected by Bluetooth, already no more restrictions
Added new codecs for better sound quality stereo sound
Sound a lot more stronger than with the original firmware
Integrated applications: Ovi maps, discussions, notifications.
In the Ovi Store mobile is identified as a Nokia N97 so having many more programs compatible
Improved and without delay effects
Added Facebook for touch devices in the browser's Favorites
Gallery reconfigured so that you do not read images in the system folders
Removed some applications start to have more resources free.
Cache of the browser grown and moved to E


The CFW are modified versions of the original operating system of our motives in order to improve performance, add features, customize the interface or remove unnecessary things.

To place on your mobile phone a CFW must follow to the letter this tutorial, will use a program called JAF allowing flashing our phone easily and without risks to begin. To show which is the process we will use our firm changed to the Nokia 5800 RM-428, but the process is the same for all phones and all firmwares, only varies the number RM which has been as the way in which NOKIA organized their firmware for their phones, by assigning a different to every Nokia model.

The answer is Yes, but better can even put you our Firmwares which are based the original operating system but you can install whatever you want without signing and without added or anything, everything as the original and the best thing is that your mobile is updated with the latest available version.

The JAF application is compatible with most mobile but in the event that yours does not appear only go to this path: programaodeonjaf is
Still in that folder you should find the file "jaf_nok4models.ini" and open it with the Notepad, then low until the end of the file and add you the model of your computer and guards, example:

The RM differ only in the languages that has every mobile a firmware RM-428 has originally English language American, Spanish Latin, Portuguese Brazil and others, while the RM-356 has Spanish Spain, English British, and Portuguese Portugal; so if you change only RM will change the available languages and before that ask you, Yes... your 3 G will continue to operate as usual.

You don't have to do anything before, just at the time of flashing you select in the JAF RM you are going to call, say if you have a Nokia 5800 RM-428 to install this firmware you must select the RM-356 at the time of flashing in the JAF and that's all.

If you return simply Flash with the same version you have, but make it to your RM, what happens is that Nokia have abandoned the RM of the American continent and only releasing updates for Europe, and on the other hand all the great advances in single CFW go for RM European, so think twice before returning to your American RM, do not recommend you!.

Yes, you can always return to put another CFW that is based on the same version of Firmware than this CFW. In the same way you can return to the original version in these same versions.

Of course, that if all your applications are compatible, but we recommend that from now on forward you seek applications for the N97 or the C6 that some bring the plugin to put a Widget on the desktop, on the part of extras you leave some. The themes are also compatible but the more ancient do not bring button mark so we recommend you install themes designed for the N97 or search of the most new.

This occurs because you have never connected your phone to the computer in PC Suite mode, simply you must install the Ovi Suite 2 or the Pc Suite and connect it. In this way the computer add the necessary drivers and it will recognize your cell phone. Then you can repeat this tutorial and complete security so it will detect you.


1.- To know that RM have type * # 0000 # and a screen with information and according to that RM have download the CFW had been deployed.

2.- Move your images, videos, music and contacts from your cell to your pc, you can use the Nokia PC Suite (less applications, games) before returning them to put your cel after the installation of the CFW.

3.- Format your SD card, from the PC or the cel.

4.- Format your mobile phone (HardReset = * # 7370 #)

During this process you must put the SD memory card of your phone.
Remember to never install a CFW based on an earlier version to the firm that you currently (downgrade).
This will remove the trace of any previous settings and will prevent any future errors, 99% of problems are solved so...


* Program JAF and EMULATOR KEY -
Your USB cable and a PC (we recommend rear USB ports)
* A custom Firmware or CFW: Here you leave the CFW (download as cel q have,) If you have the nokia 5800 RM-428 with the original firmware please d choose or select the third (the one of the longest title).


Using as a reference RM-428 of the nokia 5800

1.- Download your firmware customized to the RM you have.

2.- To decompress the archive of our CFW you get a folder called RM-356. So we put the RM-356 folder in the following path on your PC C: Files/Nokia/Phoenix/Products /Program If there are no such folders you create them so that in the end your files are so as in the image.
C: Files/Nokia/Phoenix/Products/RM-428 /Program

3.- Download and install the JAF program, during the process appears a message that asks if we want to install driver for cable give you do not.

4.- The JAF_PKEY_Emulator_v run in administrator mode 5.exe (right Click on the application and choose run in administrator mode) and click on GO. In case you have your computer with Windows 7 you must first select the properties of the executable mode compatibility with Windows Vista SP2. So work you perfectly in Windows 7 JAF. When you hit GO will be a mistake that we do not have DRIVER for the Box simply give OK and continue.

5.- Select the tab BB5 and mark options: Manual Flash, Dead USB, remove the CRT 508 and mark Use INI and select the model of your computer and their corresponding RM, in the case of our serious example RM-356 Nokia 5800.(Although we have the cell reference RM-428 have q to change it to the RM-356)

6.- We uncheck other options, being marked only which you indicated in the previous step, here an image of how it should be. If you've done everything right in the table of Status and Results you should check out the list of files found for flashing indicating the route we did in step 2.(There is an error in the image, the button is turned on) CNT, they have to turn it off if you have turned on.

7.- In the box of PHONE MODE Select NORMAL and wait it out Done.
8.- Now taking our mobile shutdown connect you to your PC and give click on the button FLASH. Just click on Flash give the program displays a warning message, you click itself. A message will appear in the window Status requesting that you turn your cell phone; just press the power button for 1 second (If you leave a warning d q ta installing a drive called COM x q do not have installed it but it is not necessary, for q you not get that back button switched on quickly (a touch) and do not press it x more time) and the flashing, in case that not detect your mobile, simply start you must return to repeat the same step. If after trying several times the JAF will not detect the phone is because your PC do not have the drivers for your cell phone, so you must install the program of Nokia Ovi Suite 2 call and connect your phone to install the drivers; the JAF will so recognize you it at the first attempt.

9.- That's all, at the end you will have a message for DONE! in the Status and Results window, and your cel display screen of a message NOKIA LOCAL MODE, only you must bring back to the table of PHONE MODE in the option of NORMAL as in step 7. Ready you can disconnect your cel and enjoy your personalized fimware.

PS: After flashing, install the SIS file q came in the so-called downloaded CFW file "install after flashing (Music Player Update) SIS"

Now if return to put the videos, music, images, and reinstall applications, games, and set the phone to your tastes.

If not have applications here a link to download

Video tutorial

PS:Credits Latin symbian, and other pages, compilation for the installation of the CFW.

Please read all the post in detail, any questions send me an mp or leave a comment.

Tricks, tips and recommendations for Nokia 5800

Know my Nokia 5800XM version:
Type * # 0000 # and deploy a screen with information

Know my IMEI or serial number:
Type * # 06 #

Know my total calls of my 5800XM:
Type * # 92702689 #

Know the terminal mac address:
Type * # 62209526 #

As I move, create or delete?
elements and menu folders?

Menú? Opciones? organize
Carpeta?Nueva folder Opciones?Opciones
In applications changing mode Opciones?organizar?Opciones?Nueva folder

As I can prolong the battery life?
Turning off bluetooth when we don't need
Ajustes? Conectividad? Bluetooth

Configuring the device for which no search networks available in the background or seeking less frequently.
Ajustes? Conectividad? LAN inalámbrica? Opciones? Configuraciones?

Changing the way network GSM if we do not have a rate plan.
Menú? Ajustes? Conectividad? network? network? GSM mode

Lowering the intensity of the light on the screen and changing timeout when the backlight is turned off.
Menú? Ajustes? Teléfono? Pantalla?Sensor of light
Menú? Ajustes? Teléfono? Pantalla?Limite of light time

Disabling sensors
MenúMenú? Ajustes? Teléfono? Config. sensor? sensors

Applications running in the background increases the demand for power from the battery.
To close applications that are using to maintain and hold the menu key and option out.

Activate effects (d) issues:
Menu/settings/themes/General/options/effects of item / activate

Turn off virtual keyboard of the game:
To disable the keyboard go to Menú/Configuraciones/Admin.aplicaciones/Aplicaciones installed, look for the game which will turn off, options/settings Suite/keyboard on screen/off.


Activate rotation: settings - phone - Conf. sensor - control activation - screen Auto rotate

Ring tones: The stamps you must place them in your external memory in the folder E:/Sounds/Digital

Disable camera sound: Camera > options > settings > tone of capture > camera 4

TV output: If when you connect the Tv looks grey, it is because you must change the configuration of PAL to NTSC TV output options.