Death Note 37/37 + Special 02/02 + OST MF

Name: Death Note
Category: TV series
Genre: Horror, thriller, police, Psicólogico, supernatural
Year: 2007
Fansub: Yume Anime Team (36 and 37 Fujiwara no Fansub)
Chapters: 37/37
Audio: Japanese
Subtitles: Spanish
Quality: Excellent
Format: MP4
Size: 175 MB
Duration: 23 Min aprox.
Uploader: Lobito130

Yagami Light is a student who hates to crime and the evil that exists in the world.
His life radically changes when he finds on the ground a mysterious book whose cover reads Death Note (notebook of death). In the booklet, there are instructions on how to use it, which underlines that to write the name of a person, after 40 seconds, the person dies of a heart attack.
Light remains skeptical of the authenticity of the book, but after trying the Death Note on two occasions, Light realizes that his powers are real. After some days visit it Ryuk, a Shinigami, which explains the origin of the Death Notes. Light tells Ryuk that its objective is to kill the criminals with the notebook to clean up the world of evil and become the God of a world free of crime.
Soon, unexplained of the criminals numerous deaths attract the attention of the police, which asks for help to a mysterious world-famous detective, "L". L realizes that the murderer can kill only know the name and the face of a person. Both start a match of wits and cunning, to face a number of situations, always in order to discover the identity of the other, exposing him to the world as a criminal and prove who is justice.

Death Note 01

Death Note 02

Death Note 03

Death Note 04

Death Note 05

Death Note 06

Death Note 07

Death Note 08

Death Note 09

Death Note 10

Death Note 11

Death Note 12

Death Note 13

Death Note 14

Death Note 15

Death Note 16

Death Note 17

Death Note 18

Death Note 19

Death Note 20

Death Note 21

Death Note 22

Death Note 23

Death Note 24

Death Note 25

Death Note 26

Death Note 27

Death Note 28

Death Note 29

Death Note 30

Death Note 31

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Death Note 33

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Death Note 35

Death Note 36

Death Note 37

"Death Note Director's Cut"

Official name: Death Note Rewrite
Genres: Drama, fantasy, Horror, mystery, police, Psicólogico, supernatural
Year: 2007-2008
Episode: 2
Fansub: Fujiwara no Fansub [FWnF]
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: Spanish
Quality: Very good
Format: MP4
Size: 355 Mb - 645 Mb Aprox.
Server: MegaupLoad
Uploader: Lobito130
: Length:
Special 1: 2 hours and 10 minutes
Special 2: 1 hour and 34 minutes

In the series have also created two special episodes, which are narrated by Ryuk. The first, called Death Note Rewrite: The Visualizing God, aired on August 31, 2007 in Japan by Nippon Television; the special is a summary of the first part of the series, in which Light learns to use his Death Note and begins to have difficulty with L. The second, called Death Note Rewrite 2: L's Successors, was issued on August 22, 2008 in Japan by the same broadcaster; It focuses on the second part of the series, when L is killed and they begin to emerge with its successors.

: Death Note Rewrite 01:

: Death Note Rewrite 02:

Death Note Original Soundtrack I

Uploader: Lobito 130
Scans: Complete
Format: mp3
Weight: 36 MB
Contents: 30 topics

Death Note Original Soundtrack II

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Scans: Complete
Format: mp3
Weight: 36 MB
Contents: 30 topics

Death Note Original Soundtrack III

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Scans: Complete
Format: mp3
Weight: 36 MB
Contents: 28 topics

Opening and ending theme Singles Death Note

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Scans: Not contains Scans
Format: mp3
Weight: 36 MB

: Download 1 OP - ED 1:

: Download OP 2-ED 2 + EXTRAS:

: Death Note TRIBUTE:

Uploader: Lobito 130
Scans: Only contains the Cover
Format: mp3
Weight: 36 MB
: Content:
01 Himitsu Kessha
02 37.0 C
03 Hands
06 DIABOLO ~ Lucifer ~
07 Avant Garde
08 Kurayami no Nabigeira
10 Pursuit
12 L-R
13 Warera Gonin no Samurai Nari ~ We are five samurai ~
14 Oyasumi Nasai
15 Watashi no Sugoi Houhou

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