Alternative To Applanet And Blackmart Android Aptoide Apps Full

Good day to all the users Android, after a lack of Applanet and andado service looking for alternatives while he returns again, so they share this great alternative called Aptoide and uses a working system similar to the Cydia of iOs on iPhone, and very similar to linux also can add repositories or sources of the apps downloadwhich I hope will be useful.


To run it first presents an interface to add repositories, it comes with one by default but you can get more, you get to the page of each repository and there is code in image ready to add it.


The main interface is simple, classified by categories all the applications available in the repos, besides that on the same interface you can update them, search for apps, etc.

Her you can download from the browser on the terminal entering here:

To install Search Market "aptoide installer" is free of charge.

Tip: to add repositories, then close the application completely, then open it so to update repositories, or give you the option to update correctly update them.

Note: The task we have to us as users is the search for good repositories in order to download the apps you want... If someone later finds recommended repositories - outside of those who are in official - website to share the tip will be welcome in the comments

pinbert said:

Thank you, good contribution. Do you have any recommendation from repositories?

There are repositories that have many apps others have less, regardless of which there are suggested in the official page or the link above left I currently am trying these:



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