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Hello community of taringa! I bring a bit of information about this group of youth who sings Opera. (Clarified this post to do so because no one what had done so) If Yes, they are around the age of 18 and have a great voice. Here information about the band and also the only album they released, not even came to argentina. I hope you like both the person who listens to trash metal which listen to cumbia, all genres are respectable, I hope to adhere to the post. Best regards!

Il Volo is a trio of Italian pop singers. Il Volo is composed of three male singers: Piero Barone, born June 24, 1993, Ignazio Boschetto, born on 4 October 1994 and Ginoble Gianluca, born February 11, 1995. They form a group of teenagers who sing songs of pop-Opera, began in 2009 when they met in an Italian television station RAI music program called "Ti Lascio Una Canzone', held in San Remo on the Italian Riviera. The winner of this show was then young 14 year old Ginoble from Gianluca of Roseto degli Abruzzi, which is on the coast of the Italian peninnsula opposed to Rome (on the coast of the Adriatic). Gianluca won the competition in May 2009 singing a theme of his idol, the song by Andrea Bocelli "the Luna Che non C' and".

Piero Barone were in competition with Gianluca Ginoble, (15) in Agrigento Sicily and Ignacio Boschetto (14), originally from Sicily, but who lives in Bologna, in the North of Italy. There were also many other young men singers of all Italy in the competition.

The three young men were among the best male singers, and were chosen to sing a song as a trio. The theme chosen for them was a Neapolitan composition of 1898 "O Sole Mio", and was received with great success by the Italian television viewers.

After the competition of the 3 young tenors sang together under the name of Tryo, later Il Trio, and, finally, Il Volo.

The album title Il Volo was released 17 of May 2011 just prior to his appearance in the final of American Idol2. Il Volo sang ' O Sole Mio, which was released as a single in the United States.UU. at the beginning of 2011.

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