ECG - NTE Semiconductor Replacements In Full PDF Guide

ECG - NTE Semiconductor replacements in Full PDF guide

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Many have canoeing program NTE QUICK CROSS REFERENCE Version11-12-13-14 or 15 that already weighs 115 Mb and only allows you to a link to the page to see the Datasheet.
For those who we know of searches and replacements we know that not always have hand the Internet, but we can not always buy a book that is now worth 12 US dollars, or 9.5 Euros in other countries

This is the result of work and satisfaction, Escannear all the book, except the first concordances, I refer to the seccion1.

NTE Semiconductors
Master Replacement Guide
Industrial, Commercial, Consumer, Entertainment
U.S., Asian and European Part Numbers. Includes technical information
1997 Edition
NTE Semiconductors

Guide for collectors, hobbyists, or electronic equipment repairers. Access to the detailed descriptions of design, packaging, characteristics of operation, part number and layout of over 260,000 electrical and electronic devices.

This guide will allow you to identify the most common electronic components and not common features, as well as his replacement and a quick guide to orientation use, applications, voltage, power, size etc.

It is in impeccable condition, without missing pages or annotations/assessments on any page. Completely digitized and last to PDF

Contains the following manufacturers (the most common you presented, but it has more!)


13 xxxx Sears
221-xxxx Zenith
37-xxxx Atari
442-xxxx Zenith
51 xxxx Quasar
56Th xxxx Admiral
612 XX xxxx Magnavox
905 xxxx Zenith
Xxxx Analog Devices AD
AM xxxx Advanced Micro. Devices
AM xxxx Datel Systems

AN xxxx Matsushita
AY xxxx General Instrumens
BA xxxx Rohm
CA xxxx RCA (Harris Semiconductor)
CS xxxx Cherry Semiconductors
CXA xxxx Sony
Xxxx Sony CXD
DBL xxxx Daewoo
DM xxxx Delco
EA xxxx Electronics Arrays
ECG xxxx PHILIPS - Silvanya
EF xxxx SGS-Thomson
EFB xxxx SGS-Thomson
Xxxx GE General Electric
(H) xxxx Harris
(H) xxxx Hughes Aircraft
HAS Hitachi xxxx
Xxxx Hitachi HD
IC xxxx Philco
ICL xxxx Intersil
Go International Rectifier xxxx
IX xxxx Sharp
KA xxxx Samsung
KDA xxxx Samsung
KIA xxxx KEC - Korea Electronics Co.
KM xxxx Samsung
KS xxxx Samsung
THE Sanyo xxxx
LB xxxx Sanyo
LC xxxx Sanyo
LM to xxxx Lambda
LM xxxx Intersil
LM National Semiconductor xxxx
LM xxxx Raytheon Semiconductors
LM xxxx Signetics (Philips)
LM xxxx Siliconix

As you use?

The guide consists of two major parts.
The first, dedicated to all types of features and the second this dedicated

the reference of alphanumeric.
1. To use first locate registration recorded in the semiconductor.
2. look for the number the second section of the NTE 2O of the ECG which send us
directly to a number NTEXXX ò ECG depending on.
3. having already with the number NTEXXX look it in the index () located in
the first section (first page) here is where we will find the description of the
Semiconductor, the number of page where are the electrical data as well as the
number of packing and mechanical specifications.
With this we will have information of our semiconductor which we wanted to know their
ò implementation its use as well as more useful for the replacement of our data
damaged component.

This form of search is used for all semiconductors.

Now the most important:


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