"Guts" A Short Story By Chuck Palahniuk

Hello Taringueros, I want to share a story that I read a while ago which can be quite strong for some so I recommend to eat before and read later.


Charles Michael Chuck Palahniuk (born 21 February 1962 in Pasco, Washington, United States) is an American satirical novelist and freelance journalist living in Portland, Oregon. It is famous for its award-winning novel fight club, which later David Fincher adapted to film. On his website meets one of the largest groups of followers of writers on the Internet. His works, similar in style to those of Bret Easton Ellis, Irvine Welsh and Douglas Coupland, have made him one of the most popular novelists of generation X.

"Guts" is a story that, according to the own Palahniuk made faint 67 people in public readings.

Are warned:

"Take air."

Take so much air as possible. This story should take time to achieve retain the breath, and then a little more. So listen as quickly as possible.

When he was thirteen years old, a friend of mine heard the "pegging". This is when a type they put a cock in the ass. If it stimulates prostate strong enough, the rumor says are explosive orgasms without hands. At that age, this friend is a small sex maniac. He is always looking for a better way to stick. It is going to buy a carrot and a bit of jelly for a small personal research. Then imagine how to see the situation in the box of the supermarket, the lone carrot and jelly moving on the rubber band. All employees in a row, noting. Everyone watching the big night which has been planned.

Then my friend buy milk and eggs and sugar and a carrot, all the ingredients for a carrot pie. And Vaseline.

As if it were home to get a carrot cake in the ass.

At home, carving carrot to make it a powerful tool. Her it spread with fat and puts it in the ass. Then, nothing. No orgasm. Nothing happens, except that it hurts.

Then the mother of the boy shouts that it is dinner time. He tells her to fall immediately.

He takes the carrot and buries this slippery and filthy thing between the dirty clothes under his bed.

After dinner you will find the carrot, but it is not already there. While he dined, his mother brought together all the dirty clothes to wash it. In no way could be found the carrot, carefully carved with a knife in his kitchen, still brilliant lubricant and apestosa.

My friend waiting months under a dark cloud, waiting for his parents confront him. And they never do. Never. Even now, that has grown, this invisible carrot hanging on every Christmas dinner, every birthday party. Each search for Easter eggs with their children, the grandchildren of his parents, this carrot ghost hangs over them. That something too awful to be appointed.

The French have a phrase: "staircase wit". In French, esprit de l'escalier. Refers to the time in which one finds the answer, but it is too late. Let's say you're at a party and someone insults. Under pressure, with everyone watching, you said something stupid. But when it goes the feast, when the ladder, then the magic. You would think the perfect phrase should have said. The humiliating a perfect replica. That is the spirit of the staircase.

The problem is that the French do not have a definition for the stupid things that one really says when he is under pressure. Those stupid and desperate things that one really thinks or does.

Some degradation have no name. Of some degradation can not even speak.

Looking back, many experts in youth and psychopedagogues psychiatrists now say that the last peak in the wave of teenage suicides was guys trying to suffocate as they masturbaban. His parents the were, a towel around his neck, tied to the wardrobe in the room, the dead boy. Sperm by all parties. Of course, parents cleaned everything. You put pants to the boy. They did that was best viera…. Intentional, at the very least. A typical sad teenage suicide.

Another friend of mine, a boy of the school with his brother in the Navy, had the types in the Middle East unlawful different to as we do. His brother was stationed in a country of camels where public markets sell what could be elegant cortapapeles. Each tool is a thin rod of polished silver or brass, perhaps as long as a hand, with a great tip, sometimes a large metal ball or the type of refined handle that can be found on a sword. This brother in the Navy said the Arabs put the stick and then this rod of metal are inserted within the entire length of its erection. Is it unlawful with rod inside, and that makes it much better to masturbate. More intense.

The kind of big brother that travels the world and send home is French sayings, Russian sayings, useful suggestions to masturbate. After that, one day younger brother missing school. That night he called to ask me to bring him the duties of the next few weeks. Because it is in the hospital.

You have to share the room with the old that are addressed by their guts. He says that everyone must share the same television. Its unique privacy is a smokescreen. Their parents do not visit. By telephone, said that his parents could now kill the elder brother who is in the Navy.

He also says that the previous day was a little high. At home, in your room, was lying in bed with a lit candle and browsing porn magazines, prepared to masturbate. All this after hearing the story of brother in the Navy. This useful reference about how unlawful the Arabs. The boy looks around to find something that could help you. A pen is too big. A pencil, too big and hard. But when the tip of the candle dripping, is achieved by a thin, smooth edge with wax. He rubbed and shapes it between the palms of their hands. Long and soft and thin.

Drugged and hot, be inserted inside, more and deeper into the urethra. With a great rest of wax still looming, it puts to work.

Even now, he said that Arabs are very astute. That he reinvented by complete masturbation. Lying on the bed, it gets so good that the boy cannot control the path of the wax. It is about to succeed when the wax not already looks outside your erection.

The thin rod of wax has been inside. Altogether. So inside that not can feel its presence in the urethra.

From below, her mother shouts that it is dinner time. It says that you have to download immediately. Wax boy and the boy of the carrot are different people, but have very similar lives.

After dinner, the boy will begin to hurt the guts. It is wax, so imagine you melt inside and her meará. Now your back hurts. The kidneys. You can not stop right.

The boy is talking on the telephone from his bed hospital, and background can be heard bells and people screaming. Games on television programs.

X-rays show the truth, something long and narrow, folded into his bladder. This long, thin V inside you is storing all the minerals in their urine. It is getting larger and hard covered with crystals of calcium, hits and tearing the soft walls of his bladder, filling his urine output. Their kidneys are hampered. What little that drips from his penis is red of blood.

The boy and his parents, the family looking at x-rays with the doctor and nurses standing there, the big V of wax shining so that all see: has to tell the truth. The way that Arabs are unlawful. That he wrote his brother in the Navy. On the phone, now, is to cry.

The operation of bladder was paid with the money saved for College. A stupid mistake, and will never now be lawyer. Put things inside. Get into things. A candle in the cock or head on a gallows, knew that they would be major problems.

To what got me in trouble I call it "Diving for pearls". This meant masturbate under the water, sitting on the bottom of the deep pool of my parents. He was breathing deep, with a kick, I was going to the Fund and RID me of my shorts. I was sitting in the bottom two, three, four minutes.

It was only by masturbating me a large lung capacity. If I had a House for me only, would have done it in entire afternoons.

When he finally finished pumping, sperm hanging over me in big fat-balloons.

There was then more diving to collect her and clean each other with a towel. Why is called "diving for pearls". Even with the chlorine, I worried my sister. O God, my mother.

This used to be my greatest fear in the world: My Virgin teen sister thought that it was getting fat and gave birth to a retarded two-headed baby. The two-headed I watch to me. To me, the father and uncle. But in the end, what you are concerned about is never what you catch.

The best part of diving for pearls was the tube for the pool filter and circulation pump. The best part was undress and sit there.

As the French say, who do not like that they suck ass? Anyway, in one minute is passed from being a boy masturbating to a guy that will never be a lawyer.

In a minute I'm affluent in the bottom of the pool, and the sky trespasses, celeste, through a meter and a half of water over my head. The world is silent except for the beating of the heart in my ears. Yellow shorts are around my neck for security, if is a friend, a neighbour or anyone asking why missed football training. I feel the continuous chupada of the tube of the pool, and I'm wagging my white skinny ass on that feeling. I have enough air and the cock in the hand. My parents were at work and my sister has ballet class. It is assumed that there will be no one at home for hours.

My hand leads me almost to the point of putting an end, and stop. Swim to the surface for air. Again I get and I am in the background. Do this over and over again.

It must be for this reason that girls want to sit on your face. The suction is as a download that never stops. With the cock hard while suck me ass, I do not need air. The heart beats in the ears, I stay down until that bright light stars glide around my eyes. My outstretched legs, back of the knees touching the substance of particular strong. The toes turn blue, wrinkled fingers of the hands and feet for being so long in the water.

And then let it happen. The large white balloons are released. The pearls. Then I need air. But when I try to give a kick to raise me, not I. I can not get the feet. My ass is trapped.

Paramedics in emergencies will say that every year about 150 people get stuck in this way, chupadas by the circulation pump. Long hair or the ass is trapped and drowned. Each year, many people drowned. The majority in Florida.

Only people not speaking of the subject. Even the French talk about everything. With one knee up and a foot below my body, achieving average join when I feel the pull on my ass. With the foot I kick the Fund. I am releasing me but not to touch the concrete also came to the air. Still kicking under the water, revoleando arms, I am half way on the surface but does not get above. The beat in my head are strong and fast.

With sparks of light crossing my eyes I am back to mirar… but it makes no sense. This thick rope, a kind of whitish blue snake twisted with veins, has come out of the drain and is a to my ass. Some of the veins dripping red, red blood appears black under water and emerges from small scratches on the pale skin of the serpent. Blood spreads, disappears into the water, and under the whitish blue thin skin of the serpent can be seen remains of a meal to environment Digest.

This is the only way that makes sense. Some horrible sea monster, a snake from the sea, something that never saw the light of the day, has been hidden in the dark bottom of the sink drain, and wants to eat me.

So I kick it, I kick his slippery and full of veins and rubbery skin, but each time goes over the drain. Now may be as long as my leg, but still retains me the ass. With another kick I'm about two centimeters of air. Still feeling the snake throws my ass, I'm an inch of escape.

Grains of corn and peanuts can be seen in the snake. You can see a bright orange ball. It is the vitamin for horses that my dad makes me take to make you gain weight. To get a scholarship through the football. With extra iron and omega three fatty acids. See this pill saves me life.

It is not a snake. It is my long intestines, my colon, ripped off my body. What doctors called prolapse. My guts chupadas down the drain.

Paramedics say that a pool water pump long 360 litres of water per minute. That's about 200 kilos of pressure. The big problem is that on the inside we are interconnected. Our ass is just the final part of our mouths. If I loose, the bomb is still working, Untangling my bowels up to my mouth. Imagine shit 200 kilos of excrement and can see how that can destroy you.

What I can say is that the bowels do not feel much pain. Not in the same way that hurts the skin. The doctors called fecal matter to what one digests. Above is chyme, pockets of a thin and sliding dirt decorated with corn, peanuts and peas.

That's the soup of blood, shit and sperm and corn, peanuts floating in my surrounding. Even with my guts coming out of your ass, with me holding what remains, even then my priority was to return to get the short. God forbid my parents to see me the cock.

One of my hands is tight in a fist around my ass, the other starts the yellow short of neck. But wear them is impossible.

If you want to know how they feel the intestines, buy one of these condoms of goat skin. Take out and unroll one. Fill it with peanut butter, cover it with lubricant and hold it under water. Then try to rip it. Try to open it in two. It is too hard and blessedly. It is so slippery that it cannot be sustained. A goat skin condoms, that is a common intestine.

See against what I'm fighting.

If I let go for a second, I I destripo.

If I swim to the surface for a breath of air, I I destripo.

If not I swim, I choked.

It is a decision between die already same or within a minute. What my parents will find when they return from work is a great naked baby nestled on himself. Floating in the dirty water of the pool in the courtyard. Sustained at the back by a thick rope of veins and twisted intestines. The opposite of a teenager who despairs when he masturbates. This is the baby that brought the hospital's thirteen years ago. This is the guy that wanted a scholarship and an undergraduate degree. Which ensure them when they are old. Here's that embodied their hopes and dreams. Floating, naked and dead. All around, great lechosas pearls of wasted sperm.

That, or my parents find me wrapped in a bloodstained towel, fainted half way between the pool and the phone in the kitchen, my bowels torn still dangling from the leg of my yellow shorts. Something that neither the French would speak.

This elder brother in the Navy taught us another good sentence. Russian. When we say: "I need this as I need a hole in the head", the Russians say: "I need this as I need a tooth in the ass". MNE eto swim zuby v zadnitse kak. Those stories about how the animals captured by a trap chewed his own leg; any coyote can say a couple of bites are much better than dying.

Mierda… even if you are Russian, someday might want to these teeth. Otherwise, what you have to do is twist you spin. Hook an elbow behind the knee and pull the leg up to the face. Biting your own ass. One runs out of air and bite anything in order to breathe again.

It is not something you would like to tell a girl at the first appointment. Not if you want to kiss her before going to sleep. If I tell them what tastes had, never ever they would eat calamari.

It is difficult to say what displeased them over to my parents: how I got the problem or how I saved. After the hospital, my mother said: "It does not know what you did, love". "You were in shock." And he learned to Cook eggs passed through water.

All this disgusted people or me has lástima… her need as I need teeth in the ass.

Today, people tell me I'm too thin. At dinner, people remains silent or gets angry when not as the roast meat prepared. The roast beef is killing me. The ham. All that remains in my heart for more than one couple of hours out was still food. Beans or canned tuna, I wake up and I find them there in the toilet.

After suffering a radical dissection of the intestines, meat is not digested very well. The majority of the people has a meter and a half of large intestine. I am lucky to keep my fifteen centimeters. So I never got a scholarship, or a title. My two friends, the boy of the wax and the carrot, grew, were big, but I never got to weigh one kilo more than what he weighed when he was thirteen years old. Another big problem is that my parents paid a lot of money by the pool. In the end my father said to the type of the pool was the dog. The family dog fell into the water and drowned. The dead body was caught in the drain. Even if the guy who came to fix the pool opened the filter and pulled a blessedly tube, an aguachento rest of intestine with a large orange vitamin pill still inside, my father only said: "that damn dog was mad". From the window of my room on the first floor could be heard my father say: "They could not trust a second this dog".

Then my sister had a delay in her menstrual period.

Even though they changed the water of the pool, even after the House was sold and moved to another State, even after my sister abortion, not even then my parents returned to mention it.

That is our invisible carrot.

You take air now.

"I still did not."

Greetings, hope you have enjoyed