10 Mexican Inventions.

Television in color, Guillermo González Camarena contribution. is of the greatest inventions of a Mexican but do you know other inventions?

Since conocelos:

1. Float system. Mexican priest Jose Antonio Alzate, Ozumba, Mexico State, originating in 1790 invented the sealing system via float. With this system can prevent the waste of water or any other liquid. An example of your system is found in the toilets.

2. Automatic Tortilla machine. While the tortilla is considered itself a Mexican contribution to the world. It is also the equipment used for production in series.
Machine tortilladora that we see in any tortilleria, was invented in the year 1904, Everardo Rodriguez Arce and Luis Romero.
The apparatus consisted of a head of laminated rollers and conveyor chain that reached a comal which allowed him to produce up to 16 thousand tortillas per day. It was in 1947 when Fausto Celorio created the first automatic tortilladora machine.

3 Painting Anti-graffiti. According to a publication of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Doctor Víctor Manuel chestnut Meneses, head of the Department of advanced physics and advanced technology of the Institute of physics, talked about the creation of a new painting that promises to repel any paint used in graffiti.

He said that the invention is a novel material, though it may seem an ordinary painting. This paint dries, makes is a microscopic layer which causes the molecules of the painting did not adhere and are repelled.

4. Map of cosmic rays. Mexican scientists developed the first map of cosmic rays in the sky, with which you may see stars and different celestial bodies they had seen and known so far.

María Magdalena González, research manager of the scientific project HAWC (for its acronym in English, High Altitude Water Cherenkov) and integral part of the Institute of Astronomy of the University Nacional Autonoma of Mexico, explained that this Observatory will be made up of 900 photomultiplier or photosensors within 300 tanks with crystal clear water, which are intended to be a continuous mapping of the sky and sweep the celestial Vault 24 hours a day.

5 Magical bottle. The magic bottle that captivated in the Decade of the 1960s, was the first of several Mexican engineer Sergio Beutelspacher inventions. This article made it possible to girls think that indeed their dolls drank the liquid.

Other of his inventions is the machine that allows to make structures to build houses of recycled plastic for example. The development of this project is being conducted with the support of the UNAM and the Universidad Iberoamericana.


6 Semi-automatic rifle. The Mexican general Manuel Mondragón, patented in the year of 1907, a revolutionary rifle operated by gas, a system that is currently used by all automatic weapons.

The weapon known as the "Mondragón rifle", employed a piston which moved back the bolt, unlocking it by rotation. Then, to close the cycle, loaded a new cartridge. Then, repeating rifles were operated manually by the lying.

The Mexican artillery officer, gave the solution recognized weapons designers were not found, leaving their prototypes into oblivion.

7 Indelible ink. Biochemical engineer, Professor and researcher of the IPN, Filiberto Vázquez, originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco, was the inventor of the indelible ink, which is currently used in electoral processes and is marketed in several countries in Latin America.

The inventor has made other contributions such as the creation of pigments of security aimed at preventing the forgery of official documents.

8 Solution re-hidrática. Originating in CD. Juárez, Chichuahua, Alejandro Hernández coroner invented a solution which has the property of rehydrated corpses unidentifiable almost to the point as if they ended up dying, which would help verify the cause of death injuries and other evidence that the experts needed to clarify some crime, this solution could also be used in mummified bodies.

9 Instabook. Victor Celorio invented a new type of quick printing that allows to print a book in just 17 seconds. This has allowed books occurring only on request and thus reduce costs and help the reduction of deforestation.

10. Music theory. Born in the year 1875 in Ahualulco, the Mexican composer Julián Carrillo was the creator of musical theory sound 13, which deals with the use of microtonal. What are the units of a non-traditional musical scale, whose magnitude is less than the semitone. This refers to those who are between a C and a C-sharp; or if an and a B flat.