Never Seen Photos Of A German Soldier Second World War.

Images belonging to a German soldier who lived in Argentina until the year 1939. Studying at a German school in barracks (Hindenburg Schule) he won a scholarship to travel to Germany. He was only 13 years old when the war broke out. Unable to return to Argentina, he lived with an aunt in the city of Bächlingen, until at the age of 17 he was forced to climb a Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger and go to war. Destination: Rome. Of its five crew members, the highest-ranking had 25 years, and lower-ranking (he) was in charge of loading the gun.

Personalausweis (cover of the identity of the soldier).

SOLDBUCH - documentation that each soldier wore.

Data of the soldier: (Group of blood (A), (38) gas mask size range (Gefreiter: first-class soldier))

Physical description (height, physique, eyes, hair color, color trademarks,)

The second from the left is Georg, and which is on its side with the cross of iron to the value in his jacket is the Commander of the Panzer (which only 25 years old was "upset" by the war).

Photo taken in the city of Heilbronn (December 4, 1944, towards the seven hours and twenty minutes of a dark and cold afternoon, began to drop those thousands of bombs from the Lancaster bombers in slightly more than half an hour deleted this city on the map).

Verwundeten-Abzeichen (certificate of wounded medal) in this case is he bestowed in Schwarz (black) class. This Medal is awarded by 1 or 2 times be wounded in combat or air raid or be injured by freezing during the line of duty.

Das eiserne Kreuz - Zweite Klasse. (The 2nd class Iron Cross is awarded for valor in combat) With the award was given this certificate. (Cross her lost some period in his return trip to Argentina in the 1960s).

Traveling to Italy. A break in the journey.

Photos taken with his camera during the period in which the panzer moved to the South of Italy.


This is Georg in 1997 posing in which outside his home during the war years and now rests in a German Museum.

Georg, in the hatch.

(This cow found on his way to Rome and her photographed before and then kill her, he then slaughter her and eat it). Georg is the boy that is posing behind the cow. He told me that when took you that picture for 2 months not bathing and uniform was hard dirt and full of fleas. When they arrived at Rome, paid him some Italian women to him they wash the uniform.

Carneando the cow.

The daily Stuttgarter Illustrierte, on August 16, 1944, shows on the front page a picture of men in combat. The who is standing in the hatch (and is marked with pen with the message "Dein Vater" (your father), is Georg). The journal was kept by the first wife of Georg.

Georg Andres

Photos of friends and family.

Photo of a relative of Georg, in the years prior to the war.

Photo taken in Germany, date unknown. The girl in the Center is the first wife of the soldier.

Langenburg - Wiederaufbau. Photo of post-war (1946). Reconstruction of a school in the city of Langenburg. The soldier that appears in this post was one of the people who helped to reconstruct this building.

City of Bächlingen. Reconstruction.

Reconstruction of Lateinschule (school) in Langenburg. Year 1946. Can someone explain what does a pine tree on the roof?

A postcard sent to Georg by the Mayor of the city of Langengbur, thanks to the reconstruction of the school.

Photos of a relative of Georg in the first world war.

A postcard sent from the front on June 24, 1916, by a soldier of the first world war Sheepdog to n 302 Infantry Regiment (Württminenwerfer - Kompagnie n 302) to a family of Frau Lemm, first wife of Georg.

Georg family, fighting the first world war. Date unknown.

Georg's family in the city of Ludwigsburg, working the land.

An anecdote that I will never forget, is that told me Georg some years ago. While in the outskirts of Rome, at a date close to the Christmas of 1944, being bombarded on all sides, his superior decided to abandon the panzer and hiding in a House nearby. Once they arrived at the building, five soldiers fell into the basement and went into hiding, feeling more secure. But a few minutes, they heard noises of steps that hastily down to the same site where they were sheltered. Suddenly, in full darkness, Allied soldiers appear (I do not remember if they were Canadian or English, and Georg already isn't to remind me). Anyone managed to do anything, and the Commander of the Panzer, nervously approached the Canadians and showing a cigarette between his hands, trying to offer it to one of the allies, as proof that he did not want any conflict. No one said anything. They accepted smoking, one of them ignited it and began to smoke it. but they were understood with signs and stayed there, in silence, hoping that the bombing would stop. The silence was overwhelming. When all ended, again became signs implying that they were going to withdraw and Georg and his companions climbed the stairs, and returned to the Panzer. That day not as ovidaría ever.

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