Update Motorola Milestone Guide + Roms

Hello taringueros, after such a long time I decided to do a good post in Taringa for Android, specifically for the Motorola Milestone, then I leave a tutorial to upgrade to Froyo and subsequently to Gingerbread (cyanogenmod, MIUI and my favorite) Cronos Ginger X 1.5), did I, and is detailed well for those who do not know how to do it, and also put the best games

Well, now for the upgrade to Froyo

Before that nothing this procedure they do so at your own risk, but it is not very likely to pass a bad thing, so confien, and if they follow the steps well they will perform without problems .
Else remember that for this procedure is recommended to have the cellular 100% loaded, on and off before you begin, the links of the files I leave at the end of the post.

We will install RSD Lite with their respective drivers (32 or 64 bits) and downloaded the ROM, is called GOT Telus 2.2.1, this installed them Froyo on their cell phones

After that install the 2 things proceed to open RSD Lite

Once open, go to where are the "..." (1) we are looking for the file "GOT_TELUS_2_2_1FULL.sbf", and click you on open.

Once the above proceed to turn the cel "bootloader" mode, open the keyboard, maintain pressed the key selection up D-Pad, and pressed the power button:

Wait a while and then the phone is encontrontrara in Bootloader mode, is when we will proceed to connect the cellular to the pc via the USB cable.

Once connected install the driver automatically (at least in Windows 7) and the phone will appear in the list (2), when this happens press start (3), here begins the process of flashing where anything in the world you have to cancel the process but the cel very possibly not serve more It takes 5 minutes or so, and ends when the cel ends of light and is located in the "desktop", either in RSD Lite appears "PROGRESS and RESULT"

With that the thousands they have upgraded to 2.2

Now they will not have 3 g, so we hooked up the cellulose in file transfer mode and copy the Openrecovery (must decompress and it appears the update.zip and an Openrecovery folder),

CLARIFICATION: If you want to install some ROM, download the ROM you want and upload it to the folder Openrecovery/update the rom must be in .zip format so that you can read.

After you copy these files to the phone so we turn off, and proceed to activate the phone in a way which for me is like the Bios of the cel, so we have to turn on your phone by pressing the camera key:

Once lit screen release the power button, but not the camera, wait 10 seconds and it appears something like this:

We now release the camera key and press the upload volume and camera:

And get us this:

Then open the keyboard and the pad we went to "apply sdcard: update zip." and select:

There begins to load the Bootloader and us aprarece this list:

Here we move to "apply update"

We select and get this:

ACA can do 2 things, the first is to conserve the android 2.2 and activate only the 3 g, and the sagunda is to make the cellulose, a ROM that recommend it a lot, now we are going with:

Select "apnsubfs" (Son of staff, when you find MoviStar upload them), and selaccionan "YES", then returns them to the menu that were and are directed to "go back" or something so, returning to the main menu and if they want to be Root users, select "root phone" and then they press "reboot phone" that have Android 2.2 with the 3 g walk

The 2nd
The first thing to do is to return to the previous menu by selecting "go back", lower and apply the 3 wipes that there is, this deletes all settings of the phone in order to apply this ROM or any other, then back to enter "applyupdate", and select "CGXMM-1.5. 0_. zip", and "YES", then "CGXMM-1.5.0-XUpdate01.zip" and "Yes", then also "CGXMM-1.5.0-battFix.zip" and "YES" and then just applied the "APNsubfs" and finally apply the "gapps…"There return to the previous menu by selecting "go back" selected "root phone" and then they press "reboot phone" that have the phone with the "ROM cronos", the only thing that in this case to be able to add the gmail account must be connected to the 3 g, WiFi not I walked to my, but do not have another try Here the phone takes a little in encerder, is normal that is applying the changes of the new ROM.

Recommendation: Install the APNdroid to enable or disable 3 g, and Milestone Overclock (only root works), to lower the frequency of the processor or raise it, I recommend that they put you on 700 mhz with 56 vcel anda very well there and not heated too.

CLARIFICATION: to the step 2 can do you with any compatible with Milestone ROM, doesn't happen les bring an HTC because directly or go only for Milestone 1, and the steps are the same, no more that do not have to apply "CGXMM-1.5. 0_. zip", "cgxmm-1.5.0-XUpdate01.zip" and "cgxmm-1.5.0-battFix.zip", just have to implement the ROM downloaded, and the "APNsufbs"


RSD Lite:

G.O.T Telus 2.2.1:

Open Recovery:

Cronos 1.5.0 X:


Cyanogenmod 7 rc12:

Stable Rc MIUI

Now go with the list of games that probe in Froyo 2.2.1 not in Cronos, because you just install and I had no time to install everything:
I leave the link of the post to download games: