The Argentine Army Exposes The Lipan Apache Unmanned Aircraft

(Buenos Aires) - within the framework of the megamuestra of science, technics and Argentine art technology 2011, initiative from the Government chaired by President Cristina Fernandez and develops in the Buenos Aires locality of Villa Martelli, party of Vicente López, is now on display the unmanned aircraft (UAV, according to its acronym in English) Lipan Apache M3.

The Lipan Apache M3 is designed for surveillance, reconnaissance and intelligence, operations developed in its entirety by staff of the Argentine army, who are researching and developing this type of aircraft since 1996. The UAV technology developed in Argentina is the first in its kind in all Latin America.

This model is part of the first tactical not manned air system and the first units have been designed during the month of December 2007 to the detachment of intelligence of combat 601 of the Argentine army. The Lipan Apache M3 project is operating to perform missions night and in adverse weather conditions.


Lipan Apache M3 can obtain data and information on the geographical features in explored areas and the weather conditions. It also has devices for transmission of video from high-resolution, telemetry and GPS data.

With a range of 40 kilometers and the autonomy of 5 hours, can reach a top speed of 170 Km/h, carrying 20 kg of cargo useful and reach 2,000 metres in height. It has a wingspan of 4.6 m, a length of 3.55 m and his weight is 60 Kg.

Takes off by remote control, once in the air program you a route with up to 1,000 points of reference to fly autonomously, lands manually, and is only autonomous to maintain altitude and speed.

It is equipped with varifocales cameras and infrared vision system, which are multiplexadas to exit the video transmitter and receive the images in the ground control station. These signals are received by a directional antenna which focuses manually according to the movement of the aircraft.

The INTI-Electrónica Centre and Informatics and the Argentine army are developing, jointly, a software for automatic tracking antenna for unmanned aircraft Lipan Apache.

The army is still committed by the UAV

Today, the Argentine army has four units Lipan Apache M3 in operations. In turn, is developing a more advanced model, the XM4 Lipan, who would come into operation this year. This would be a fully automatic landing and taking off according to its programming model and would present formidable improvements in terms of its scope, speed, autonomy and payload.

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