Day Of The Female Orgasm

The female orgasm is celebrated in the world

This date is intended to be a tribute to women who want to reach the peak of pleasure in the privacy.

Only a third of women around the world reach orgasm from sexual practices
Kinsey Institute.

The international day of orgasm is held every year on the initiative of the Councillor of the Brazilian people in Esperantina, Arimateio Dantas, who decided to compensate his wife for some sexual debts that he had, he proposed a day dedicated to stimulate sexual pleasure in its maximum expression.

At first, Esperantina inhabitants were forced by law to every 9, should make an effort that your partner has come to achieve orgasm; later the date was changed to August 8 and now, its celebration has been extended to various countries in the world.

According to a study by the Kinsey Institute of United States, only one-third of women around the world reach orgasm from sexual practices.

It is said in Norway it is a holiday and in Denmark orgasm is required, which means that the man who fails to meet his wife is fined a year of abstinence monitored by a police woman.

The Royal Academy of the Spanish language defines the orgasm as: the culmination of the sexual pleasure.
Some texts define it as the "climax or peak of sexual arousal point".

The lack of sexual pleasure is known as "Orgasmic dysfunction" and the tenth international classification of mental disorders of the American Psychriatric Association (APA), which includes it in the Group of Orgasmic dysfunction.