Android PhoneMyPc (control Your Pc Through Of Android) (apk)

? uses any PC remotely from your Android device. It does not require configuration

? Use your PC remotely through any device with Android on any network (3 G, 4 G or WiFi).

? Tablet Ready (USB and BT / keyboards)!

? sees and interacts with the computer, go through a web camera connected, listening through a connected microphone, as if you were there in your PC.
?? Requires Android 1.5 or higher

Download / DOWNLOAD Phone my pc APK


Download / DOWNLOAD Phone my pc.EXE (PC)

Option 1 :
Option 1 :


1.- Copy and install the apk on your phone

2.- Download and install the program on PC (windows)

3.- With the program already on the pc. they placed a user name and password then connect to it by the phone.

4.- Enter phone PhoneMyPc. and put your user name and password as you put in PC. and you will see the name of the pc in the windows program. Then select your user name in the pc and you will be on the windows desktop.

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