Applications On The SD With Link2SD (Froyo And Gingerbread)

Many of which we have a Samsung Galaxy Ace, we find that it is not possible to install many applications due to the limited space in internal memory. And worst of all is that NO can install natively applications on the SD of your phone, for which you're crazy traffic installing applications that say that are installed in the external memory, but that actually move only a part of the application. Luckily there is Link2Sd, an application that If toodos moves the files of the application and only leaves a "Link" in the internal memory, which calls the files that are linkeamos in the SD.

This works perfectly on Froyo. The problem comes when we do an update and you get a rom with Gingerbread to our beloved Samsung Galaxy Ace. Then, we realize that the Link2SD as does not work! Well, after several nights candle and Googling too, found the solution to finally install all the applications that you want in the SD with Android Gingerbread.

* The process is completely secure, but I am not responsible for any damages that you might cause to your computer if they do not follow the instructions to the letter *

Samsung Galaxy Ace with Gingerbread 2.3.4 (not the eh tested on another phone, but if you get some brave, to do so and discuss their results)
Be Root user
Memory card regardless of the type of class.
Program for creating partitions (I recommend any Linux distribution)
Script manager

OK, the first thing to do is create 2 primary partitions on the SD card. The first partition must be formatted with fat 32, and this is the size that want to leave for its music, pictures etc. This would be the "normal" partition. The second partition is one that we are going to reformat with ext2 with one space not greater than 1.5 gb. This would be the partition where are going to install the applications.
Memory of class 2 with 14.87 gb of space. First primary partition with fat32 14 gb, second primary partition with 870 MB ext2.
* Remember 2 primary partitions, the first formatted with fat32 and the second with ext2.

We will move the Link2SD and Script Manager applications (down the * rar applications) to the partition with Fat32. As they have done this we we'll enter the memory in the Cel and install programs. NOT HAVE YET! When you finish installing the application give made no open. After you install two applications, let's open the Link2SD ask root permission, we do accept and we will be a screen to select the second partition. Select ext2, we accept and the phone will restart (if it does not restart automatically do so manually).

Once restarted, open the Script Manager, we go to menu, then more, then advanced options, then settings and select "Browse as root". This fact, we're going to go to the root (as by default are the SD) this is done by giving the two points until we are in "/" there still are looking for this "system" folder and within it, the other "etc". There you will find this script "". We give click and in the window coming out select "Run as root" and "Run on startup". Save and reboot.

Once you start, we return to open the Link2SD and we will ask again the second partition. We again select ext2, accept and reboot. Once restarted last you see open again the Link2SD and voila! the application begins to show the applications so that they can move to the SD.

And finally, we go to menu, filter and select "user". Then select the application to move, and on the side bottom left says "create link". We give click and select 3 choices coming out. We are OK and already, the application moves to the Sd.

And now, we do this for all other applications.

* Do not recommend passing applications that start with the system or the system.
* If for some reason you turned off your cell phone when they reenciendan should go to the Link2SD will be menu, more and give click on quick reboot. This return to read the applications installed.
* If you are user Froyo you can skip the steps in the Script Manager. Just reformat, create partitions, install the Link2SD and select second partition, reboot and already, start to link applications.

Content of the * rar.

Script Manager.apk
Partition Wizard Home Edition.exe
Moving applications to the SD.docx (instruction)
Readme!.txt (to where I can find)

Pass: DkA

* Source: hours on Google searching for info on many pages, including Taringa! and the post of @.