QEU @ #! % · nd there are taringa! today I come to tell a little about WHATDAFAQSHOW!

Do What is FAQ?Es a show from the internet, check out where videos more popular of the interweb and at the same time is an interactive forum which publishes a question silly and/or inconsistent every Sunday for the entertainment of his followers from Facebook and Youtube. Every Sunday publishes a video reviewing the viral videos of the world of the internet

Inspired by Ray William Johnson (Mox) and its format = 3

Sends a Video: whatdafaqshow@gmail.com (upload the video to Youtube.com and send the link)
Lima, Peru
Created by J.A. Romero

Was founded on 22 November 2009

Manger Videos and all entenderas! I am Mox and check funny and rare videos from the internet! It sends your video whatdafaqshow@gmail.com new Video every Sunday night! Inspired: RWJ = 3

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Mission: Make people laugh and smile to the community of Facebook and Youtube. producto:Cancion: Midi Mafia - Phamous

Apoyalos down your song free!

"Does What Da Faq? " is a brand registered and protected by intellectual property rights.

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Aqui a video so understand a bit more about what is Whatdafaq!