How To Get Into The "Deep Web"

OLA T friends!
good thing about this Deep Web pass reading much because the truth at first did not know that was but good I learned how to get and today them voi to explain how so that you also enter..!
First we go with a few explanations for those who don't know that it is the Deep Web.

That is the Deep Web?
It is known as Internet deep, invisible Web, or Deep Web to all Internet content that is not part of the Internet surface, i.e. of the pages indexed by the search engines of Internet networks. This is due to the limitations that have networks to access all websites for various reasons.
Aqui dejo les a picture so they can understand a bit what is the Deep Web

What are the causes for which there is a Deep Web?
The main cause of the existence of deep Internet is the inability of search engines find or index 95% of existing Internet information. If search engines could access the information then the "deep Internet" would disappear, but this is impossible because there will always be private pages. The following are some of the reasons why the search engines are unable toindex the deep Internet:
Password protected pages
Not indexable formats documents
Encyclopedias, dictionaries, magazines in which to access the information there is to interrogate the database (for example RAE)

That can be found in the Deep Web?
Deep Web you can find all kinds of material illicit (illegal)
-Human skeletons
-Child pornography (is what you'll find)
-Illegal documents (secret documents from other countries)

Who does wrong Deep Web surfing?
Since Deep Web everything is illegal the FBI always is sailing in that kind of pages trying to figure out to persons entering there so if you can give a bad click can te metas in many problems with the FBI.
because bad clicks you can that you're entering a child Pornogrfia page or you could be contactandote with Hitmen and the FBI you will be on your trail.

I don't me ago resposable of nothing to logres do in the Deep Web, if your enter in by your decision I am teaching you toHow to do it.
If you get in trouble I do not look, do not help you, not me put in trouble for helping an unknown so all your agas on the Deep Web is at your own risk.

Now the most anticipated -
How to get into the Deep Web?
Steps to enter the Deep Web
1.-Enterand download the thor
Thor:Thor is the browser that allow you to browse the Web way confidential that is hidden Deep your ip
Note: the FBI's you can find your IP address still naveges with Thor
2 already downloaded the program unzipped (open only it is decompressed only)
and establishment of a folder named "Thor Broswer", enter the folder and run the program called "Start Tor Browser"
3 already open the Thor les saldra a control window left to load and them will leave a similar to the Mozilla Firefox browser
4.-Once open allasThor ahy that careful with the pages in which des click.
5 here I leave you a list of pages that I recommend you to come so that you can start to navigate the Deep Web

Good friends that was all hope you like it
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