All Problems And Solutions For The Black Ops

Solution to the problems of Black Ops Call of Duty
Number 1:

Well Just Follow these step:

The Solution to the problem of Error during initialization: Could not load default asset 'mp / defaultStringTable.csv'

for asset type 'STRINGTABLE'. Tried to load asset 'mp / devconsole_restrict_access_mp.csv'.

Just copy the folder from rar and replasalos zoneCommon And Run list and BOmmmm shot to shit

Number 2:[/ Size]

Problem asks for a file d3dx9_43.dll
Solution: When you install the game I install multiple folders are 3 in one of them is the directx and since the setup that you install this file you need to search for it loses there is an update of your directx and will also solve the related with sound when playing or you can find a page dedicated to an dlls

Problem: Creating multiple profiles or profiles

Just do not put links or anything because they are not direct contributions besides mine that I am doing quickie post
but I pass the tip

There is an application called Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiple Profiles in the network can be found

also there for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Multiple Profiles

Patch 1.03

At the beginning of the game, the first thing you may notice is that the game does not have the shorts that were frozen when loading and thinks to himself that everything bad is behind us. However, some of them have not been resolved, have not solved the problem of lag / stutter in full, which is very annoying, have not only solved local searches, just what a little better. By far the worst thing that persists is the freezing of the game and the screen is labeled "Awaiting gamestate" which forces you to restart the console. I am sure that many people have spent many times.
For those wondering what the patch has settled, here we bring you all the details:
The Tomahawk now bounce and instead are embedded in the walls and floors.
AK-74U damage reduced by a bullet at all ranges.
MP5K damage reduced by a bullet at close distances.
G11 damage reduced by a bullet at all ranges.
Nova Gas now drains 25% slower health.
AK-74U accuracy changed the MPL.
The normal crossbow bolts are now available in multiplayer.
Fixes to matchmaking system (PS3 and PC)

A part of this patch, along Treyarch today held a series of changes in multiplayer. These are the most important:

- Enhanced matchmaking to find matches faster.

- Improving the setting and the hosts, will result in the creation of networks in much better conditions for all games (also known as reduced delay or LAG).

- Weekly and monthly ratings of incorrect information and assistance for deaths solved.

- Further improvements in the system of headings:

Improves matchmaking to find matches faster.

· Matchmaking enhanced to ensure that players are matched more effectively to the games with the best network conditions.

· Selection of host enhanced to ensure that the best host is always selected in the previous heading in the lobby.

· System Improvement groups to ensure that parties do not break.

· Disable the ability to join a private game, combat training and cinema halls in search of items

• The weekly and monthly ranking will now keep track of all deaths, and assists them properly.

• Prevention of Combat Training statistics get crossed with player statistics of the game in unusual conditions.

• Prevention of the selection killstreak get disabled in combat training in unusual conditions.

• Prevention of Valkyrie rocket explosion in the event of liberation in unusual conditions.

• Prevention of Gunship not give full player control in unusual conditions.

• Prevention of temporary loss of functionality when a button is pressed when a disconnection.

· Additional perfecting audio levels and ranges of passes and shots.

· Additional perfecting audio levels for plants pump / off.

· Improvements additional online security.

· Array: Fixed bug to prevent players from cutting a tree.

· Launch: bug managed to prevent players from jumping over a ledge strafe invisible at the base of the rocket near B3.

· Summit: bug managed to avoid that players can jump to a location outside the boundaries of the map when in custom games where the player's speed is at maximum.

• The Havana: Fixed bug preventing players can jump over an invisible ledge above a threshold in the C2.

· Nuketown: Adjusted revive point generated by players at the top of the head of a dummy when the dummy was randomly generated there.

· Disable the option of voting by a previous map twice.

Optimisation to prevent spam in your friends list, so in the game? will improve performance for users with a large number of friends.

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