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UP (Disney)

Name: Up
Genre: animation
Director: Pete Doctor
Producer: Jonas Rivera.
Written by: Bob Peterson.
Music: Michael Giacchino
Cast: Original voices: Christopher Plummer, John Ratzenberger, Delroy Lindo, Edward Asner, Paul Eiding
Company Disney-Pixar
Nationality: United States.UU
Year: 2009
LANGUAGE: Latin Spanish

Disney Pixar comes Up, a comedy about a seller of balloons for 78 years, Carl Fredricksen, who finally manages to carry out the dream of his life to engage thousands of balloons to his house and go flying en route to South America. But discovers too late that the biggest nightmares has also embarked on the journey: a jungle Explorer named Russell, who is 8 years and optimism bomb-proof. November Director Pete Doctor (monsters SA), Disney Pixar invites us on a hilarious journey to a lost world in the hands of the least prepared duo of Earth.

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